Are You Ready to Become Fearless?  Do You Want to Gain the Confidence to Start Conquering Life?

​**QUICK DISCLAIMER: This book is NOT for everyone.
In fact, this book is probably not for you if you are not looking for change, if you are satisfied with the status quo, if you are not into self-improvement, or if you already have super-human levels of self-belief and self-confidence. 
However; If you are looking for tools and tactics to help you become more confident, take more action, and become fearless for what you want in life, then this resource is for you.  
The Fearless Formula is a proven guide to help you move past the fears and obstacles keeping you from achieving greater success. It's a guide that will help you gain the confidence to start living life on your own terms, and unleash the best that you have to offer this world.  This book includes the following:
  • 10 Powerful Fear Busting Antidotes. Mix and match 10 different fear busting antidotes to create a formula that helps you crush your fears effectively.
  • Bonus Confidence Hacks. Additional tools to help you fortify your confidence levels.
  • 4 Exercises. Includes multiple exercises to help you systematically grow, and track your progressing confidence levels weekly.
  • Built in Accountability. Includes tools to help track your progress and reinforce your use of the fear busting antidotes, so your fearlessness can become a habit.

Ready To Start Conquering Life? 

“He who has conquered doubt and fear, has conquered failure."

 -  James Allen  -

This Book is Designed to Promote Feelings of:


This workbook will prompt you to take action on facing your fears fast.  You will get unique insights as to why facing your fears through action is important.  By the time you are done with the program, you will have increased feelings of the need to take more decisive action in your life.


After incorporating just a handful of these powerful antidotes every morning, you will quickly experience higher levels of confidence in your days.  This, combined with the confidence you will gain from doing the action prompting exercises within the workbook, and you will end up with staggering new levels of self-confidence.


Overcoming life obstacles is a key component of all personal growth.  As you implement this resource, and take more risks in your life, you will find yourself winning and accomplishing more.  And with every new personal victory, you will grow stronger as a human being.


When you learn how to be fearless and take more risks, you will grow as a person.  As you grow as a person, you will soon find yourself becoming your best.  And as you become the best version of you, you will soon become happier and more fulfilled with your life.

About the Author: Nate Lee Morales

Nate is on a mission to get people fired up for their greatness, by encouraging others to courageously pursue becoming more of who they truly are.  After being immersed in the corporate world for 4 years post University, Nate decided to take a big potentially career-ending risk, and  plunged himself into the world of entrepreneurship.  

This resource is the bedrock of what helped Nate take that courageous first leap.  It also contains the valuable insights he acquired through his unconventional journey to sustain his confidence, as he fearlessly pushed forth to live life on his own terms.    

Nate Lee MoralesAuthor

The number one regret of the dying is 'I wish I had the courage to live the life I wanted rather than doing what others wanted of me.' If there is one thing I aim to accomplish with this resource, it is to help you gain the courage to live the life you desire. To help you become fearless for what you want, so you can achieve all that you deserve.

"What People Are Saying"

Dwan S.

“As I've gone through these formulas the confidence that I've been searching for is finally starting to surface. ”

Jess M.

“I really liked this resource.  It is actionable, and has great content.  It's super valuable, and there is no doubt this product will help change people's lives.

Sammy H.

“I recommend this product to anyone that has the desire to step out of their comfort zone and stop living a life of fear. ”


“Nate, I really like this product.  I've been using several of the strategies throughout these last couple of weeks and I already noticed a difference. ”

Learn How to Lean into Your Legacy!

Don't let fear continue to suppress your highest hopes.

Fear is the thief of humanity's light, but it can be conquered. Deciding today to buy and actively use the Fearless Formula, is the same as deciding to be the master of your fate.  So what are you waiting for?  Get the Fearless Formula, lean into lour legacy, and start conquering your life, Today! 

Lean into Your Legacy....