No Guts, No Glory

25 Quotes to Help You Crush Life

There is an old saying that goes “No Guts, No Glory”. Is it cliche to utter this phrase these days? I don’t know, maybe it is on the cusp of being outdated and overused.

No Guts No Glory

What I do know, is that it is a truth. It is as real as gravity. It is an incontrovertible law of the universe, and anybody wanting to crush life and achieve greatly needs to live by it.

If you find yourself on some high mountain top, not playing by the rules of gravity, not respecting it, it will lead to a loss of life.

Like gravity, if a person is trying to bring a dream or goal into reality, but doesn’t respect the law of risk, it will lead to a loss of more than life. It will lead to a loss of time, resources, effort, and spirit.

Glory will always be off in the distance, if we don’t take the risks necessary to bring us closer to it. If you don’t challenge your boundaries, if you don’t take the risks needed to move forward, you will stagnate. Like a tree, if we are not growing, we are dying.