Leveraging Resources & Support Systems to Succeed

Power Thoughts From Professor Imelda K. Moises, P.h.D.

Welcome to Episode 002 of The Greatness Project podcast. In this session I interview Professor Imelda K. Moises, Ph.D.

Success Through Resourcefulness

Imelda is a Zambian Born, American Educated Professor who provides tons of useful insights that can help activate anyone who may currently feel ‘stuck’ where they are at in life.

A big focus of the show is about how to leverage your resources and support systems to reach your goals and ultimately succeed in life.

Imelda also gives us some of her unique strategies for overcoming personal roadblocks, adversity, and reveals insights related to how she reached her own success milestones on her journey to becoming a successful professor. Click the Continue Reading button below to listen to power thoughts from this proactive professor…

The Ultimate Spartan Challenge

Taking on The Champions

I did something quite bold early this week and signed up for the ultimate Spartan challenge.  This Spartan challenge will be a test of will, commitment, focus, and my ability to endure ridiculous levels of discomfort.

Spartan Challenge

On the surface this won’t sound appealing to most, and that’s okay.  In fact, it is because of the ‘off-putting’ difficulty that resides within this challenge, that I decided it must be done. 

Preparing to take on this challenge will not be fun.  In fact, it will be very hard, it will be grueling, but ultimately, it will be defining.

So what is this ultimate Spartan challenge I speak of?

Stop Being Normal, Start Being You

5 Reasons to Embrace Your Uniqueness

I was at the gym the other day, and the following random thought popped into my head, “Too many of us spend way too much effort trying to appear normal.”

Stop Being Normal

In that moment I realized two things. The first; was how powerful this natural urge that we all have to be ‘normal’ is. The second thing; was how destructive this urge can be, especially if we harbor dreams of doing grander things with our lives.

I recognized that if we are always over concerned with what others think of us, we set ourselves up for living a very limited and potentially boring life.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of freedom. knowing I have the freedom to grow, the freedom to expand, and the freedom to become whoever the heck I want to be is exhilarating.