The Ultimate Spartan Challenge

Taking on The Champions

I did something quite bold early this week and signed up for the ultimate Spartan challenge.  This Spartan challenge will be a test of will, commitment, focus, and my ability to endure ridiculous levels of discomfort.

Spartan Challenge

On the surface this won’t sound appealing to most, and that’s okay.  In fact, it is because of the ‘off-putting’ difficulty that resides within this challenge, that I decided it must be done. 

Preparing to take on this challenge will not be fun.  In fact, it will be very hard, it will be grueling, but ultimately, it will be defining.

So what is this ultimate Spartan challenge I speak of?

How to Build Confidence Like a Boss

11 Confidence Hacks for The Ambitious

If you want to rock life and leave a legacy, you are going to need to learn how to build confidence like a boss. If you’re a big thinker like I am, you’ve most likely envisioned all that you hope to achieve in your life.

how to build confidence

However, one of the aspects that many of us accidentally leave out in the consideration of our grand ambitions, is the prospect of the unnerving risks that we must eventually confront to successfully progress towards those dreams.

The purpose of today’s post is to arm you, with a handful of some of the most effective methods for building your confidence. This way, when those pesky unforeseen fear inducing challenges pop up as you march towards toward your big goals, you will be in conquer mode, and better prepared to successfully manage those fears like a boss.

Let’s go!